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New Mojö 2017 - Asian Elephant

Hi People, I'm so glad to got the chance to show you Mojö's new Asian Elephant. I think it is a sweet model. The paintwork will be updated because on the photo it is too grey but Mojo will aim for more natural dark grey-brown in the

Asian Swap

Asian Boys & Girls (golo) Who is interested in swapping these cute little girls and boys??? Let me know and then we will decide when we will do it and what the cut off date will be... I would like it not

Does anyone recognise the chop marks on this stoneware Asian inspired vase

This stoneware vase/planter has been in the collection for at least 10 years and we have never been able to identify or even make out the chop marks, there seems to be a total of 4, but then again I do need new glasses. All help appreciated. Jack

Tree Identification Guides on the Internet

The question has been asked in several different threads where are the tree identification guides. Here are a couple that I occasionally use, feel free to comment on them and post your own preferred guide links. The USDA Plants Database, in the

Tarunyada's Schleich-S Collection

My Schleich-S Minis Collection: click My Schleich-S Horses Collection: coming Besides lots of Schleich-S minis and horses I also have lots of other animals! :cheers:I started collecting Schleich-S in 2001 but about 5 years later only continued

How to be Asian~

HOW TO BE ASIAN - By DREWdesu, Kyoeru and Puppet~ Step 1: Use chopsticks properly Step 2: Learn the language Step 3: Learn the Accent Step 4: Do the V (Victory) sign in all photo Step 5: Do comparison shopping for everything Step6: Claim every grad

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