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Copthorne Orchid Hotel makes way for luxury condo

Will miss this place. had many steamboat dinners there...and loving them.

Orchid Country Club

Sorry i tried to search and couldnt find the answer. Are NTUC members able to enjoy special rates for golfing at OCC even if they are not MGK members? http://www.orchidclub.com/moby/cms/golfing/fees/ i went to the OCC website but unable to find

Which country club - Raffles or Orchid

Dear all, Need your advice. I am looking at acquiring a golf club and I have narrow my search to between Raffles and Orchid. What are your thoughts? Beside enoying a game of golf with my friends, I am looking at using the club to host my clients and

Orchid Country Club (Weekday Golf)

Hi all!!, I'm a new member in this forum. My fren and myself are members of MGK and we are keen to find kakis (Esp MGK members) to join us for a flight every other week in OCC. We are planning to make OCC our home course since the golf pass + union

Quick query on Pro Shop & Driving range at Orchid Country Club

Hi guys, i'll be going to OCC later this evening for dinner. I've never been there before and I've got 2 quick questions: (i) Is the driving range open to the public? (ii) Is the pro shop well stocked with new / used shafts? I'm thinking of

Orchid or NRSCC membership?

Which one's better? Any advise appreciated. Thanks.

Freestyler's Ute

I'm going to drop another member in it here, and give everyone a link to the progress shots of his ute: http://gallery.oldholden.com/allans+carport/hz+hx+sandman+mock-up/ Some nice paint work under way there Freestyler! Should look great when it's

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