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Anneke Borren and Elizabeth Lissaman exhibition at the Quartz Museum Whanganui

This sounds really brilliant for those that will be lucky enough to be able to visit the latest Quartz Museum exhibitions. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/wanganui-chronicle/midweek/news/article.cfm?c_id=1503658&objectid=11685900

Rick Rudd's Quartz Gallery at Whanganui

Rick Rudd has sent a leaflet about the Quartz Gallery to add to the site. I've heard fantastic feedback about the Gallery and Rick has a work area near the entrance and is there everyday that the Gallery is open. Rick also sent some photos of Potter's

Rose and loving other humans

There's talk from We Need to Talk about how Rose loved other humans. I'm not entirely sure about this statement on if she's really loved other humans - at least in the romantic sense. The vibe I got when she was talking to Greg was that she was basically

Aura Quartz Fusions

I had to share this fanart by awyadraws because they're so beautiful and I love them and they are just. Spoiler:  Angel Aura Quartz Royal Aura Quartz Raspberry Aura Quartz

The previous Five Columns?

So can anyone help me I've been wondering what's up with the previous Columns? You know weapons, robes, GEMS, personalities the whole caboodle so little was shown and I'd love to know more about my future Nobodies... I mean I am interested from a purel

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