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Need for speed forum which is a home to the modders and researchers of need for speed games. We are creating resources and mods for nfs games, as well as fixing bugs in the games.

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We are a group of volunteers who donated our spare computer resources to the BOINC Scientific Community, hoping that our efforts will benefit mankind.

boinc, blackops, team, group, volunteers, donated, spare, #resources, scientific, community, hoping, efforts, benefit, mankin

Bchaintalk Forum : Community for Blockchain Believers

At Bchaintalk we bring blockchain innovators, developers, entrepreneurs, key executives, enthusiasts, economists, job seekers, investors & sourcing professional together to openly discuss and share knowledge.

community, blockchain, discussion, forum, technology, #resources, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, world, investors, developers

Christian Creative Writers

A FREE forum where Christians can meet other writers, share their work, and join the discussion. Free Poetry and Short Story Writing Contests! Free writing resources and help, just ask Lora!

christian, writers, references, slam, poetry, forum, free, writing, contest, creative, stories, publishing, tips, advise, help, children's, bible, studies

Up-to-date information on teacher licencing, visa, and work permit requirements, Thailand education news, teaching resources, living in Thailand, and more. . .

teaching, thailand, forum, teachers, licence, thai, education, living, working, up-to-date, teacher, licencing, visa, work, permit, rules, requirements, schools, teach

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Niches, Biomes and Resources, oh My!

Wow, it got quiet up here. I'm unveiling my plan for biomes today, because I've finally worked with them for a while and, after a long conversation about how this will interact with auto-evo, scio and I agree that this could work pretty darn well. Now

Loading Invoker's Resources into Game

Checked D2 Wiki and it seems that Invoker is totally complete! Well, it is somewhat expected given that they have 2 weeks to do up the update... So you guyz up for it or you don't think that Invoker will be out? If

Hitman's reload animation resources install help?

I want to know how to install hitman's reload resources found on the nexus here: Spoiler: I want to install his M4 and AK reload for millenia's weapons. Can anyone provide assistance?

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