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Help with affiliates plz.

hello to all. I need some help with my affiliates. i have got it how I want it on my site but I want to make it longer how can I do it ? this is the code I have got. my forum is phpbb2. this is my site hope some one

Help with affiliates

i am having a hell of a time trying to figure out the coding guide for adding affiliates to the bottom of my forum page. i am using this guide /t135528-add-affiliates-to-the-bottom-of-your-homepage and doing it step by step but it is not working an

Unknown Affiliates Added

I've made a Forum Widget called "Affiliates" where members can request to have their site put in this widget for all other members to see. I visited my forum today, and there was an affiliate button called "Runes of Magic" under my

Add affiliates to the bottom of your homepage

Add affiliates to the bottom of your homepage This tutorial will help you with adding affiliates to the footer of your Forumotion forum. Editing the index_body Go to Administration Panel > Display > Templates > General and open

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