Breast Buddies

A forum dedicated to breast augmentation surgery (boob jobs! ) for women in the UK. All are welcome to join up for surgery advice, breast augmentation stories, day-by-day, pre and post op diaries and

boob, support, breast, augmentation, forum, #diary, stories, surgery, enlargement, surgeon

My Daily Diary

My Personal Study Forum

daily, #diary, personal, study, forum

Zan's Zone

Zan's Zone is an all in one Message Board, Blog & Website. Most forums are open for guest replies as well as member only chat and fun forums. - All are welcome to affiliate including guests.

blog, forum, faith, spirituality, cycling, top100, filofax, planners, blogging, jokes, affiliates, board, directory, blogs, quotes, politics, christianity, religion, bicycling, journals, #diary

SwCLUB Forum - Slimming World, Weight Watchers, 5:2 and BSD friendly

swCLUB is Slimming World, Weight Watchers, 5-2, Calories-in Calories-out and BSD friendly, providing weight loss & food diary support, slimming recipes, motivational challenges, personal blogs, a buzz

swclub, slimming, forum, weightloss, support, recipes, blogs, slimmingworld, slimming-world, weight-watchers, weightwatchers, calories-in-out, blood-sugar-diet.

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Diary of a Naive Woman (aged 39 and three quarters)

Diary of a Naive Woman (aged 39 and three quarters) was written by Doobyscoo from http://the3arguidos.makeforum.org/ Diary of a Naive Woman (aged 39 and three quarters) The Following are fictional extracts from the Diary of a Naive Woman livin

Kate"s Diary

Thanks to mccannfiles.......too long to post all the entries but if you want to take time it is very revealing and you can comment on the bits you want to highlight. Sorry, couldn"t post the link as well, but it is easy to find, just the heading on

Strathcona Horse War Diary / Daily Routine Orders / Letters and Diary

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen..... I read with interest that Robcooper is transcribing a war diary..... I was laid up from work for a number of months some years ago, before I could afford a computer and to keep myself busy I transcribed the


Excerpts from a Dog's Diary...... 8:00 am - Dog food! My favorite thing! 9:30 am - A car ride! My favorite thing! 9:40 am - A walk in the park! My favorite thing! 10:30 am - Got rubbed and petted! My favorite thing! 12:00 pm - Lunch! My favorite

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