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Free forum : Crimson Cafe

Free forum : General discussion: family, friends, music, movies, TV, celebrities, games, hobbies, pets, art, literature, sports, news and politics, every day life.

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Free forum : The Muse

Free forum : Losing your touch with writing? Find your way back here

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Современная всемирная литература

международный художественно-публицистический ​журнал Главный редактор – Действительный член Дворянского Союза России Его Высочество князь Расуль Ягудин

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Mai-HiME/Otome In Mythology/Literature/Urban Legends

Atlach-Nacha is the reluctant recipient of a human sacrifice given to it by the toad-Fumi Tsathoggua. Atlach-Nacha resembles a huge spider with an almost-human face. It dwells in a huge cavern deep beneath Mount Voormithadreth, a mountain in the nao

Cyber-Punk in the Media: Literature, Film, Music, Graphic Novels etc.

After a very enjoyable debate with Eldo in the BBST Thread, i thought that Cyber-punk deserved a thread of its own. The essential characteristics of Cyber-punk as a distinct sub-genre of sci fi can be epitomized by some classic films: Metropolis.

Should comic be classified in certain contexs as historical literature

When I did English literature at A level we covered a lot of the early books on the subject matter, and the various poetry. We also covered books post WW1 which offered reflections on that era. One day I asked my teacher, would it be ok to use comic

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