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If you love Anime and want to meet fellow OTAKU, this is the right place for you! Join us and chat with us!

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Zan's Zone

Zan's Zone is an all in one Message Board, Blog & Website. Most forums are open for guest replies as well as member only chat and fun forums. - All are welcome to affiliate including guests.

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Post your favorite quotes

I think we had a thread like this before but it died so I make another version Post your favorite quotes from any anime, manga, movie, show, book, novel, game w/e "Everybody has a right to be happy Yet it's so hard to acquire Everybody has a

Best Nellie Quotes.

I searched but I didn't see a dedicated thread for Nellie quotes. Do you mind if I start one? "Where's your Pa, Laura? He smells like a horse. We could pretend and ride him.''

Favorite RP Quotes Thread

Seen a quote that's just priceless? That made you laugh out loud in real life, or cry tears of much feels? Wanna share it with everyone because more people deserve to read this gold? (Of course you do!) Post your favorite RP quotes in this thread! They

Favourite Quotes?

Yay time to mention some of your favourite quotes here from any version of Sailor Moon, here are a few of mine, will add more later if you people will add some of your own~ ~~~~~~~~~ Usagi: [upon recounting the Tale of the Bamboo

Favorite Mai HiME/Otome quotes!

So many one liners, so little time! Post your favorite quotes from Mai HiME and Mai Otome. List one at a time, so we can keep this thread going! The best quote from Mai HiME goes first! :oops: :tongue: "Shizuru, you were the first one who

Best Doctor Who Quotes

What are your all time favorite Doctor Quotes?

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