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A bunch of freeform RPs. Don't expect to see professionalism here, but pretty much anything can be RPd. (within the rules, of course)

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The Cougar's Thong is in a Bunch

Gotta laugh here after pushing the right buttons over at GLPVQ. After Justincase posted that he was starting a new forum to whine about this forum whining about GLPVQ, the great and incomparable drpangloss posted: "Awright! You rock Dawg! Finally

Some forecers won't stop till they have a whole herd.

The 5 mares ran across the land as the thunder strikes down a pone the world. There stud behind them running fast as they approach the cave. All of them then went in but the stud,"Stay,I must do something". The next morning the lead mare

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