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Another successful molt. P Boreus/northern Scorpion

Before: After: I came home last night and saw him on his back in a crucifix position, I thought he was did cause I blew on him and he didnt move, but a few hours later he was moving and struggling and finally got his tail out lol I got him 2

Good Morning from Northern Minnesota

Hi everyone, I have been creeping here for a few years, lol. I am on my fifth year of square foot gardening and have loved the ease of it, but I do have a few struggles, growing zucchini and yellow squash have been almost impossible. We have such a short

Hello from Northern Virginia

Hi! I live in Northern Virginia (near Washington DC) and am hoping to start a square-foot garden this year. I am under contract for a townhouse that I won't own until June however, so I hope it won't be too late to get started. I am still reading the book

Northern WI (zone 4)

Hello, This is my second year doing a SFG. Last year I managed to kill everything in my garden. I had a baby March 25 2009 and by time I got every thing planted it was way too late in the season and well...with an infant I was busy. I did get my

Northern Cardinal Nest Webcam

Streaming .TV shows by Ustream

First time SFG in northern Wisconsin

Hello all, Last year we bought this wonderful book written by an gentleman named Mel and have been bitten by the SFG BUG. My wife found this forum and has really gleened ALLOT of information. And I must thank you for posting pictures so she knew

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