Northern Ireland BloodBowl League Experience

Welcome to NIBBLE, a website dedicated to trying to bring together the various BloodBowl players across northern Ireland as well as aiming to be a comminuty hub for leagues, events and other Bloodbowl related subjects.

#bloodbowl, northern, ireland, games, workshop, blood, bowl, league, gaming, woofy

Free forum : S.M.A.S.H

Free forum : a forum for bloodbowl players in saskatoon

free, s.m.a.s.h, #bloodbowl, players, saskatoon

Tale of 5 Wargamers

A wargames website dedicated to 5 people's exploits in Warhammer, WH40k, WH30k - Horus Heresy, Infinity, Flames of War, Saga, Bloodbowl and Epic, to name but a few.

wargames, wh30k, horus, heresy, epic, warhammer, fantasy, battle, wh40k, flames, saga, #bloodbowl, infinity, battlefleet, gothic

Rochford Warhammer Specialist Games Club

Members Talk and Update. Rochford Warhammer Specialist Games Club

warhammer, rochford, necromunda, #bloodbowl, heroquest, hero, quest, mordheim, hobbies

The WarBunka

Wargaming, RPG's CCG's and gooey geeky stuff! http://warbunka. blogspot. com/ http://www. youtube. com/user/Warbunka

blood, bowl, warbunka, wargaming, roleplay, steampunk, geeky, miniatures, warhammer, #bloodbowl, hordes, warmachine, dice

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SteamPunk Blood Bowl?

I spotted this little preview over on that fount of information, the Wyrd Forum, AND thought it MIGHT be of interest to our Blood Bowl enthusiasts...or not: Looks cool, eh!?

Mordheim " Daag Aut ", Bloodbowl inspired!

Hey guys, beeing in a mordheimian rage again, i thought about building a Bloodbowlstyle " Daag Aut " , a place where every gamer can put his minis after they went out of action. First the all take a seat inside " Ye olde

BLOODBOWL Chaos Team (Slaanesh)

Here my Bloodbowl Chaos Team (Slaanesh) done about three years ago (I yet played two leagues and playing one more now): The Owner of the Team: "Fat Bastard"

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