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Found a good article about Warmachine vs Hordes

I read this site called hand cannon online. I found this article that throws out the big differences between warmachine vs hordes mechanic debate and tips depending on which you

Warmachine Character Jack Updgrade Kits

http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=6069395&id=90516267791&fbid=445019007791 Click through to check em out.

Warmachine Errata Posted


Questions and Answers for Warmachine/Hordes players.

I thought I'd make this thread because I was approached by some guys this past gameday that where confused on a few things. I'll re-answer the questions I remember, but also feel free to ask questions here. How many focus can you ALLOCATE to a WARJACK?

Warmachine/Hordes Journeymen League at Gamers N Geeks

Our Local Press Ganger is running a 2 month 2week at a time Journeymen League for Warmachine/Hordes. This is a great opportunity to learn how to play and network with people outside of our normal club. car pooling will be available. I plan on leaving this

Warmachine/Hordes Escalation League – Begins Wed Oct. 13th

This will be an ongoing league at Art of War in which everyone will begin with a small force and through the course of many weeks will grow it into a full army. For this league, every model will need to be painted, and there will be ample time between

Warmachine/Hordes Points Conversion

Ok so until they release the MKII Hordes any know what the equivalent points comparison is between the two systems? Say I have 35 points of Warmachine and my opponent has a Horde army what is the Hordes MKI points that he should shoot for?

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