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We are FRIENDS Honor bound to support and protect each other Our symbol is the dragon protector and defender of all he holds close and dear.

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Dear Students...How to Prepare for Exam

How to prepare for exams -- For students Dear student friends you people may be of different types. I know many of you, no all of you are so brilliant students.Yet ther may be some problems regarding your studies Let's discuss it here.Many of you

Dear God 6

Dear God, Thank you for all the blessings I have been receiving lately. I want to especially thank you for allowing me to be the vessel that helped Mike’s shoulder. I know not everyone believes in the laying on of hands but they don’t understand that

Dear All...

Dear All, Greetings. I am a Catholic, a (student) scientist and a devoted internet troll with a strong - very strong - interest in Zen. I'm here because I do have some previous knowledge about OBC (good and bad) so I'm ever so keen to get closer to

Oh Dear!

Love to be a fly on the wall of the CO's office when he is marched in. Sounds a right divvy!, Updated: 25/04/2011 15:57 Palace guard axed over Kate rant A Buckingham Palace guard has been axed from his regiment's duties on the the

99 ballons..and a dear friend (requesting prayer tor their family)

Watched a video on youtube..99 balloons..get the Kleenex it will bring you to tears.. can only imagaine what my friend and her hubby will be feeling tommorow on their second sons birth..then going home to Jesus 3 days later... If you pray please lift

Dear God....

Dear God.......... Ua tsaug rau koj txoj kev hlub, koj pub nag hmo rau kuv nyob dhau, koj tseem pub hnub no rau kuv tau nyob txog thiab. Kuv ua koj tsaug tsis paub tag tsis paub kawg. Txawm nag hmo, hnub no kuv tau ua txhaum, hais lus tsis haum koj siab

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