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The Stooges Forum is an unofficial Stooges fan forum dedicated to the discussion and dissemination of the Stooges music and history.

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Melbourne's best music forum! A collection of the best minimal, house, house, tech house, dirty house, club, and underground music.

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Mike Mangini

Though I'm not a big fan of Dream Theater, I sure am becoming one of Mike Mangini. I'd go so this group just to see him play... So creative... Unreal arsenal! He deserves that seat totally. Portnoy was good with this group, but Mike has raised

Michael D.R.I.V.E.

Is was the lead singer, writer/composer and guitarist of Barren Cross and started a solo career. What are yout thoughts about his songs and music? You you like his solo stuff, or do you prefer it more when he did the vocals for Barren

Mike Stern Band @ Iridium last night

Hello all,' Had an incredible night of fusion last night when I attended the Mike Stern band show at Iridium with Mr. Fusion of Audiophile Imports , Mike Kermisch. We had great seats and stayed for both sets. Each set was completely different

Mike Roe-Safe as Milk

Anyone here have this? I stumbled across it recently and it held up well. Oh, it's dated in the mid 90's but Mike has a way with a lyric and his music is beyond genres for the most part. Ache Beautiful is an amazing song.

Mike Portnoy Temper Tantrum

This is an interesting video of drummer Mike Portnoy having a temper tantrum because of something going wrong with his drum equipment. Interesting that he is playing "Stratus" at the time..lol! This is a new band project that includes Billy

Mike LePond (Rivera Bomma and Symphony X) SOLO PROJECT

Mike LePond (bassist for Rivera Bomma and Symphony X) is doing a Kickstarter for solo project http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1637412651/mike-leponds-silent-assassins

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