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Dirty Melbourne Minimal

Exclusive music!!!! Dirty Melbourne Minimal, Exclusive Melbourne Minimal And Tech House!! This forum is for DJ's and producers to share tracks betwen each other and also to get melbournes underground scene

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Stevie Wonder DVD Live at the AEG Arena London 2008

DVD just 10 bucks BluRay around 20 bucks UK

Ollie E. Brown with Stevie 1974

This is unreleased footage and a recent upload on youtube. I believe it's the ONLY documentation of Stevie playing his own song I Can See The Sun In Late December, covered by Roberta Flack in an epic 12+ minutes. Ollie Brown couldn't be more beautiful

Ollie E. Brown - Drummer but mainly Property Dealer

Ollie E.Brown a great drummer who toured with Stevie Wonder in 1973. He still plays Drums sometimes with his good pals from the 1970's like Ray Parker Jr. His Property Site is still up but I wonder if


If you had your way, and had 10 places to fill with percussionists whom you feel would be creative together whom would you choose and why? 1. Drum Set: 2. Drum Set: 3. Malletts 4. Malletts 5. Keyboards 6. Latin Percussion 7. World Percussion 8.

Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Are you familiar with his songs? Just started to go to YouTube to listen to his songs? Maybe you have some albums of him? What do you think of his songs?

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