The Angel Rody Master

Trance and Vocal Trance forum

angel, rody, master, trance, #vocal, forum

Borderline Gaming

Hammer on the vocal harmonies of truth with these peculiar things called letters to get your verbal message across.

borderline, gaming, unsanity, unsanitylive, forum, blgf

Vocaloid Creativity Board

The Vocaloid Creativity Boards are a hub for not only vocaloid fans, but especially people who produce vocaloid songs and fanart themselves and want to show and share. Use this as a platform for formi

vocaloid, creativity, boards, music, song, board, creative, sound, voice, #vocal, produce, producing, producer, seiyu, western, singing, hatsune, miku, megurine, luka, gakupo, kagamine

Sapphire Princess Covers

We're 'SAPPHIRE PRINCESS COVERS' (!) - The perfect opputunity to share your love & passion for korean/japanese pop music.

kpop, sapphire, princess, covers, singing, korea, super, junior, #vocal, group, collab, jpop, jrock, japan, karaoke, instrumental

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MVA Hehr becoming more vocal on his social media Facebook page

MVA Hehr has become more vocal on his social media Facebook page by responding to those Veterans who criticize his actions. In response MVA Hehr has posted the following replies. Stay tuned, Les. "Veterans are going to be in a much better place ove

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