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Helen Masters

Full Name: Helen Jane Masters Birthdate: 2. 4. 1987 Age: 22 Country of Origin: England Current Home: Pueblo de Cielo, Spain General appearance: brown, sort of curly hair, brown eyes, average height, thin, caucasian Special Features: a scar on her

Jason Masters [Beta NPC]

Jason Masters Beta Basic Biography Real Name: Jason Masters Renegade Name: Beta Title: Travis' Favorite Alignment: True neutral Age: Physically 15 Gender: Male Race: Homo Superioris Hair: Dirty Blond Eyes: Grey Height: 5’4 Weight:

The Time Masters Arrival (Open to all)

Connor walked up to  the front gates of Beata,shouldering his back pack. In it was 10 black button up shirts, 10 pairs of jeans, and 8 pairs of socks and other things. The boy rubbed his right eyes with his index and middle finger, it was aching a bit now

Mitch Masters (NPC)

"Mitch Masters here with the Masters Report!" Full Name: Mitch Michael Masters Codename: N/A Alias(es): Mitch Masters Age: 52 Classification: Human Relation to character: Titans Worst Enemy! ________________________ Hair

Plague Masters

Name: BW-500 Homeplanet: Anthir laboratories Sentience: Sentient Strengths -Disease control, the primary ability of plague masters is to control the smallest of life forms responsible for diseases and manipulate them, allowing them to cause whatever

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