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Welcome to our own little slice of paradise. What started is a little hidden message board buried deep in the mess of the hell hole known as GameFAQs is now expanding outward into it's own dominion. Half inspired by AscendantJustice, entirely driven

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A Tilted Thumb

Hi, How do you interpret a tilted(on the vertical axis) thumb. I don't have an actual picture. But, here is a sample I have tried to depict: The finger - in the original picture - is already slightly tilted on vertical axis. I have marked with dark

Did you ever bump into someone you once knew in Germany?

Did you ever bump into anyone in civvy strasse that you served with in Germany? In the mid nineties, my frau and me were walking around one of our local supermarkets and met a couple who we were very friendly with in the mid seventies at Wildenrath.

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