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Team Templar Discussion Boards for Tribal Wars. Team Templar Warforum - Tribalwars

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Free forum : Knights Templar

Free forum : KNIGHTS TEMPLAR GROUP. Free forum : Knights Templar

free, knights, #templar

Vampire Knights Templar

Welcome to our forum Knights Templar. Vampire Knights Templar

free, vampire, knights, #templar

Free forum : Templar Forum

Free forum : Forum for Members of the Templar Alliance on Server 10 of Evony

free, #templar, forum, members, alliance, server, evony

Free forum : The Templar Knights

Free forum : Welcome!. Free forum : The Templar Knights

free, #templar, knights

Forum gratuit : Forum : Templar

Forum gratuit : Free forum : Templar is the name of a LOTRO kinship. Our members are playing on the European sever: 'Evernight'.

forum, gratuit, free, #templar

The Jedi Templar Alliance

The Official Forum Of The Jedi Templar Alliance. The Jedi Templar Alliance

free, forum, jedi, #templar, alliance

Dark Templar Gaming Team

Forum for the new Dark Templar Gaming Team.

dark, #templar, gaming, team, forum

Free forum : Knights Templar NWN

Free forum : A forum for the Knights Templar mod for Neverwinter Nights

free, knights, #templar

The Knights Templar

The Knights Templar, We are Legion

free, knights, #templar, legion

Knights Templar

A Star Trek Online Fleet Community. Knights Templar

free, knights, #templar, star, trek, online, fleet, federation

Free forum : Knights Templar Alliance

Free forum : Knights Templar Alliance

free, forum, knights, #templar, alliance

Dragonchampion's HQ

Free forum : A forum for members of the Knights Templar Alliance and for other interested persons.

free, knights, #templar, members, alliance, other, interested, persons

Free forum : Templar of United Allies Forum

Free forum : This forum is to be used by all wings of T. U. A in server 7.

free, #templar, united, allies, forum


The Chivalry Clan

#templar, chivalry, clan


The Home of the Knights Templar

solomontemple, home, knights, #templar


[ A guild on Templar FlyFF ]

kiseki, guild, #templar, flyff

Knights of Templar Fleet

A Navy Field Fleet

free, knights, #templar, fleet, navy, field

Dawn Of The Templar

A Final Fantasy XI Linkshell built upon Dedication and Cooperation.

dawn, #templar, final, fantasy, linkshell built, upon, dedication, cooperation

Assassin's Creed: Memories

Can you, the new Assassins, defeat the Templar uprising and regain all of your ancestor's memories?

free, forum, memories, assassins, creed, defeat, #templar, uprising, regain, your, ancestor's, memories?

Knights Templar Assassins

"Even when your kind appears to triumph ... Still we rise again. And do you know why? It is because the Order is born of a realization. We require no creed. No indoctrination by desperate old men. All we need is that the world be as it is. And THIS i

knights, #templar, assassins, "even, when, your, kind, appears, triumph, still, rise, again, know, why?, because, order, born, realization, require, creed, indoctrination, desperate

The Templar Files FORUM

Foro gratis : Para todos los amantes del Assassin`s Creed Multiplayer. Desafíos, torneos, clanes, . . .

foro, gratis, #templar, files, para, todos, amantes, assassin`s, creed, multiplayer, desafíos, torneos, clanes

Assassin's Creed: Bloodtide

Take on the role of a stealthy, and cunning assassin in Assassin's Creed:Bloodtide, or, attempt to gain all the power the World has to offer as a Templar. There are more paths to take in the 17th Century, and there is only one way to discover them.

assassin's, creed:, bloodtide, take, role, stealthy, cunning, assassin, creed, attempt, gain, power, world, offer, #templar, there, more, paths

Free forum : The Order of Heroes

Free forum : Knight Templar alliance forum. Free forum : The Order of Heroes

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TemplarMU Community Forum

Welcome in our Community Forum

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