Belle Sakura Saloon

Computer Game discussion, voice acting, modding, Fallout Series, Divinity 2, Dragon Age S]games, Minecraft, The Elder Scrolls series, and other games. General discussion and creative writing.

#fallout, phones, elder, scrolls, dragon, voice, acting, skyrim, oblivion, vegas, divinity, minecraft, baldurs, gate, planetside, modding

Commonwealth Order Of Gamers

Gaming & Modding community with a big Military Influence.

commonwealth, #fallout, battlefield, rainbow, siege, military, army, games, entertainment, modding, community, gamer, modder

Edulesi i Abka

For Conlangers, world-builders and lovers of Compile Heart games, Fallout series and Jurchen-Manchu language.

conlang, conworld, neptunia, #fallout, manchu

Free forum : Centerfold Gaming

Free forum : Centerfold Gaming is a private roleplay community based around various universes, ranging anywhere from more established platforms to more custom platforms.

centerfold, gaming, private, roleplay, community, based, universes, ranging, established, platforms, custom, stalker, #fallout, halflife2, forp, hl2rp, halflife

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Fallout NV to Fallout 4 mod conversion?

I know the games not out yet...sadly, but i was thinking about how cool it would be if fallout 4 had a easy way to port Fallout newvegas mods into to fallout 4 using some kind of tool..it might be possible. But at the same time it might just be me hoping

Will you still play Fallout 3 when Fallout 4 comes out and why?

Hi everyone, so like the title says will you still play fallout 3 and if so why? Personally I think Fallout 3 has some of the best known mods out there and I can say for sure that I will be returing to DC to walk the wastes of our Capital!

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