Belle Sakura Saloon

Computer Game discussion, voice acting, modding, Fallout Series, Divinity 2, Dragon Age S]games, Minecraft, The Elder Scrolls series, and other games. General discussion and creative writing.

fallout, phones, elder, #scrolls, dragon, voice, acting, skyrim, oblivion, vegas, divinity, minecraft, baldurs, gate, planetside, modding

Ninja Scrolls

Naruto-based Roleplay site, alternate universe, noncanon.

ninja, #scrolls, naruto-based, roleplay, site, alternate, universe, noncanon, naruto, role, play

Internet Bonsai Club

Internet Bonsai Club forum : The New IBC, Internet Bonsai Club, Bonsai, Forum

internet, bonsai, club, forum, suiseki, pots, kusamono, accent, plants, international, yamadori, display, #scrolls, tokonoma, questions, answers, shohin, discussion, japanese, maple

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Racial passives how to choose the right character in Elder Scrolls Online

cool video to help people pick myself i  think ill go either DPS or Healer   what is every one else going to run ? really the only reason i would even say healer is its easier to get Q's to pop if their is a healer in the group

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Why is there no thread of this? Oh well. Skyrim is the newest game of the Elder Scrolls series of Bethesda Softworks. The Elder Scrolls games are Action RPG's set in a huge world offering a very large amount of quests. Well, look up some trailer

The Elder Scrolls - A look back

This video covers the Elder Scrolls from 1994 to 2011/ Just a little reminiscence.

Elder Scrolls... ONLINE!?

I'm sorry, but i jad to post this before my brain exploded with glee. Yes, that is Michael Gambon's voice. Yes i did just soil myself. Yes... YES!

Elder Scrolls Online Now Free-to-Play

As of 17th March, MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online no longer requires a monthly subscription to play. As Bethesda had previously announced, the game has become The Elder Scrolls: Tamriel Unlimited, and requires only a purchase of the game, with no further

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