Cabal Online Genesis

Serves as players helpdesk and etc

#cabal, online, genesis, serves, players, helpdesk

Cabal 2 Forums

Unofficial Cabal 2 Forums

#cabal, unofficial, forums

Cabal XI - EP8-EP15

Cabal XI - EP8-EP15

#cabal, ep8-ep15

Guild forum of Luminous Rage

Applications for Cabal Online

guild, luminous, rage, applications, #cabal, online

Sunday Night Gaming Cabal

Our little corner of the interweb where we discuss all things "nerdy".

sunday, night, gaming, #cabal, little, corner, interweb, where, discuss, things, "nerdy"

Chantry Steelhaven Hall-Boston Mage PBP

This is a play by post RPG game set in Mage the Ascension. It follows the lives of a Cabal of willworkers living in Boston.

chantry, steelhaven, hall-boston, mage, play, post, game, ascension, lives, #cabal, willworkers, living, boston

Infinite forum

Cabal online jupiter Infinite guild

infinite, guild

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Cabal ov the Eternal Revenge

Cabal ov the Eternal Revenge Archon/Countess Baathorys Archeamonculus -Need a name- WIP Noble/trueborn aka Blasterborn WIP Dracon Blasterborn Heamonculus -Need a name- WIP Incubus WIP if the picture are too huge i can

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