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GameStop Will Have Zelda A Link Between Worlds And Luigi 3DS Bundles This Holiday Season In NA!

You Knew This Was Coming! GameStop has the gorgeous limited edition Zelda 3DS model is listed in a Black Friday ad in North America. The limited edition 3DS will come with The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for the price of $219.99! A

Luigi's Mansion 3DS featuring Nintendo Network

Don't be frighten Luigi. It's just a logo. A European boxart for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon as been surface on the internet and reveals that the game will contain online functionality in some fashion. This could be in the same use as New Super Mario

Rumor: Luigi's Mansion 2 is also Wii U bound

Mario's younger brother isn't satisfied with just one sequel A few hours ago, I posted a rumor involving some Canadian online retailer giving pre-orders to a Wii game that isn't even announced yet. Now, a similar reveal is coming from a European

Review: Mario And Luigi: Superstar Saga (Wii U VC)

The power of brothers: Mario And Luigi: Superstar Saga started its life as Super Mario RPG 2 for the Nintendo 64 before Nintendo had decided to stop supporting its home console in favor of developing its successor the Nintendo Gamecube. The game

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (Scarescraper Mode)

Until I'm able to devise a more witty title for this thread, this will suffice as the spot to schedule and discuss "Scarescraper" online multiplayer matches.

Good Day Nintendo Episode 1: An Interview with Mario and Luigi

Hello, and welcome to the first installment of Good Day Nintendo, where we interview the characters and creatures of the games you know and love so well! Today, we interview Mario and Luigi, twin brothers who rescue the Mushroom Kingdom...uh, from the

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