Free forum : Metroid Universe

Free forum : A Role Playing site that takes place in the Metroid universe.

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WiiWareWave - Nintendo News, Reviews and Forums

WiiWareWave is a rapidly growing Nintendo fan site with the latest Nintendo news updates, game reviews and an active forum to chat about Nintendo.

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Free forum : Total Fantasy Roleplaying

Free forum : A roleplay forum where the limit is your imagination, and the admin.

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Samus Aran [Metroid]

--PROFILE-- Name: Samus Aran Age: Unknown, appears to be in her late-twenties Species: Human (with Chozo DNA) Appearance: At over six feet three inches tall, Samus Aran is a beautifully statuesque woman of near-pure muscle with the lithe

Pirate Lord Ridley (Metroid Series)

Name: Ridley Age: I really have no idea. He's never given an official age. Species: Unknown, however resembles a Dragon and a Pterodactyl. Appearance: Ridley has rather small wings, but they allow him easy flight nonetheless. He is green (I'm

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