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Pikmin 3's Alph!

Game: Pikmin 3 Large Differences from Olimar: Rock and Winged Pikmin Exclusive to Alph Hello! I have the suggestion of Alph from Pikmin 3 as a Crusade character! I think he would fit well in the game considering he seems to be the most known

Pikmin 3! (No spoilers in OP, spoilers in comments though)

Hello friends, I return from one of my favourite games in YEARS. Literally this game is AMAZING. Of course I am indeed a rather large Pikmin fan, and I am a bit bias but I would just love to share my thoughts on Pikmin 3. Share yours in the comments!

NSMBU or Pikmin 3?

Well, I can get a free game for purchasing Mario Kart 8, but I don't know whether I should get New Super Mario Bros. U or Pikmin 3. Pikmin 3 is really short (6-9 hours, with 100% completion) and NSMBU is a multiplayer that can last 26 hours for 100%

Pikmin or Pikmin 2?

This is one of those debates that just doesn't go away, and I was wondering what the consensus was here. Often, people seem to presume Pikmin 2 is automatically better. It has more levels, more Pikmin types, a multiplayer mode, two commanders and

Miyamoto on more Pikmin games, F-Zero, Splatoon, Zelda Wii U, Star Fox Wii U and more Wii U games in 2015

In a interview with the popular youtube channel Smosh Miyamoto shared some info on upcoming  Wii U games. Go Nintendo wrote:oming from Miyamoto's appearance with Smosh... - Miyamoto has a lot of ideas what he wants to do with Pikmin, but

Miyamoto's Pikmin movie shorts

Has anyone picked these up yet? I find them symbolic of Nintendo's commitment to let Miyamoto pursue whatever he likes regardless of profits. Pikmin 3 itself always seemed like a game made out of love, and it's sad that all that hard work will largely go

Pikmin 3 - "The length of the title for this topic must be ranging between 10 and 255 characters"

Where were we? Ah, yes: Pikmin 3 will be a return to the original's strategy roots, with time limits and stress and all that stuff. I like both Pikmin games very much, but I prefer the second as it's largely a stress-free experience, as I feel computer

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