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Wiiware Wave Twitter profile

Ok so Ive noticed that this site has a Twitter profile. Great. Thats a great way to get out there. If i could give some advice to who ever tweets the articles it would be this. REMEMBER YOUR HASHTAGS!!!! When you tweet an article dont just tweet it tag

Staff Viewpoint: Remembering Wiiware; our Personal Favorite WiiWare Games.

Our favorite WiiWare games! With the WiiU only a few short days away, and the end of the Wii drawing nearer; the staff here at Wiiwarewave have decided to reflect back on their favorite Wiiware games of the past 6 years. Here we'll talk about our

Top 5: Best WiiWare Games Ever Released!

The Best of The Best! These are my top picks for the WiiWare service and doesn't necessarily represent what most people's favorites are! Anyways here is my Top 5 list! #5: Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Part I This was an extremely fun throwback o

WiiWare: Retro City Rampage Powers Up With DX Content Update For The WiiWare Version of The Game!

Deluxe Content Ahoy! Vblank Studios has made a surprising announcement that their WiiWare version of Retro City Rampage will be receiving a content update that includes all of the additional content from the DX version of the game on November

Rumormill: DSiWare Shop To Be Shut-Down By The End of This Year!

All Good Things Must Come To An End! There are new rumors circulating around the web and one in particular has caught our attention, according to this new rumor the DSiWare service will be shut-down by the end of the year. Which will be the first

Arkanoid Plus! (Wiiware) review

From Taito and Square Enix the developer and (North America) publisher who brought you the well received Bubble Bobble Plus! and Bust-A-Move Plus! comes their third returning classic: Arkanoid Plus! Will it will up to the standard set by it's breathen?

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