The Pika Club

Free forum : A website for Pokemon Fans of all ages, all over the world!

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Project Crusade Community

The forum for the Super Smash Bros Crusade fangame.

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PTA - Pokemon ticklers anonymous

A place for everyone who likes tickling Pokemon.

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The Games We Play

What sorts of games do we all play? Are they multiplayer? Console? Board games? Tell us! Me, I play a couple browser based MMOs of the 'Free to play, pay for extras' variety. Star Pirates has a larger player base, but the community can be a bit

Pikachu's Cooking Class

Recipie 1 Cicadas Step 1 Walk outside with a paper bag early in the morning and begin collecting your meal. The best cicadas to eat are those that are newly hatched and have not had time to climb up out of your reach yet. Step 2 Boil the

Pokémon Cards

Hi guys, I just pulled out a large bag of old Pokémon cards and found a Luxray GL lvl X and a couple other holofoiled cards. My friend told me the Luxray is Ultra-rare and I want to make sure. If it is, how much is it worth? (lol don't worry theres no way

Sanji Vs. Pikachu

1st of all it´s gong to be kinda short but i´ll try to make it exciting 2nd If there´s something wrong or looks weird tell me how to improve it, instead of just saying for example: "it´s bad" Enjoy... http://www.fileize.com/view/216df10a-bae/

My many charectors (cutestpikachuever)

char. 1 name: Sparky (male) species: pikachu moves: volt tackle, thunderbolt, thunder, iron tail appearence: a pikachu with a team rocket collor, a cut up tail, evil like eyes, and blue electricity crackling from his cheeks. ticklish spots:

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