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A website where you make Warrior Cats come to life and continue on the fortune and grief of a Warrior-Cats World.

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Curled Tails

Which Clan Will You Join?

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When do their tails "fluff" up?

Nikko still has just a standard tail. Just wondering around what age they start to get their big fluffy tail.

When do tails curl?

When does their tails curl? Snipers is always straight and i love how all of your photos on here your dogs tails are curled! I assume when she gets a wee bit older.....

Detangling Tails

Hey there, does anyone know of an easier way to detangle a horses tail when its twisted into that "dread lock" style? (sorry about the description (horse owners will understand lol)). Detanglers are pricey and was curious if anyone has any trick

Curly Tail

Our beautiful girl Bella has a curly tail like a pug but never had it till she turned about 3 months old . She is a Pedigree from A registered Breeder and we have the papers to breed her and show her. We saw Mum and Dad and they were fine. Luckily we dont

Waggin Tails Discount!

Hey all... just got this in my email and thought I'd share Discount codes for Waggintails.com. This is the cheapest place I have found to buy THK. I just bought 2 10 lb boxes of Keen plus a small thing of treats (to get me over $100) for $94

How Common are Sibes w/ Black Tipped Tails?

As the subject reads, I am curious as to how common it is for a Sibe to have a black tipped tail? Does it fall within breed standards, or does it hint at a possible mix? Can't say I have ever seen one in person, so I just looking for a bit

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