Jeweled Seas: New Wave

A Unique RP That features the One Piece world in a non-canon Fashion with plenty of treasure!

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ARCHER, Noah Brant

Noah Archer______________________________________________________________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------ INTRODUCTION ------------------------------------------------------------ I am the

Archer, Jerek O.

General Information File Name: Jerek Osler Archer D.O.B.: 5/21/23. (Age: 14) Height: 6'4" Weight: 120 lbs. Natural hair color: Brown Eye color: Hazel Mailing Address: 1110 Shardberry Lane Telephone Number:

Clan of War (plz join!!)

Name:Brayden (brave, broad in old english) Age:34 Gender:Male Type:Elf Rank:King & General of army Personality:Brave, Selfish, Very Powerful,

Levi Archer

[img(334px,500px)] [size=18]LEVI ARCHER[/size] [/center] Full Name: Levi Paul Archer Gender: Male Birthday: 19 February 2003 Age: 30  Blood:

Sandra Archer

O U T O F C H A R A C T E R Name: Keith would be easier for all of us Gender: Male Age: Teen How you found Potter's Army: Searching "Harry Potter RPG" on google Any other characters on Potter's Army: Keith Nicholas, Donald Morgan, and Noa

Becoming a Renown Archer[Training Topic]

Yuurei had made it to Balbadd, but he figured while looking for information he would train himself in getting a bit stronger. He figured there were people who were better than he was in archery, so he figured he would look for a sensei. He moved around th

A Black Archer's Offerings

*Moonlight dances across the cobblestones in shimmering spots as Jhaeros slips into the Temple of the Seldarine during the night, closing the heavy wooden door behind him silently. As he walks across the massive interior of the temple and approaches th

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