Expat's Companion

The perfect companion for anyone who is new to a country or just a new city and town. User supplied information that is helpful for you in your new area.

expat's, companion, perfect, country, city, town, user, supplied, #helpful, area, travel

Free forum : The Zulus TSO

Free forum : The Zulus is a guild within the game The Settlers Online (newfoundland). A friendly, helpful group of very active players. founded in 2013 and still going strong

zulus, guild, game, settlers, online, (newfoundland), friendly, #helpful, group, active, players, founded, 2013, strong

Everyday Locksmith Forum

A place for discussion of everyday Locksmiths situations, advice and helpful hints and tips. We welcome all independent Locksmiths whether newly trained, or with years of experience.

locksmiths, forum, everyday, locksmith, tools, lock, picking, locked, upvc, letterbox, tool, training, fitting

Topics linked your research : helpful

Helpful Photos & Links

If you have any photos and/or links to videos that you think might be helpful or useful for James' efforts in the Philippines, please post them in this thread. Thanks!

Medical Topic...may be helpful to some folk....

This started 2 years ago. After reading Plantoids experience, I kind of thought this may be helpful. I've had a mild case of asthma for 30 years, acquired it after I stopped smoking. Been doctoring with a specialist once a year and all has been fine.

Helpful !Commands

Command: !away Examples: !away #(colour name here or HTML code. HTML Code help here) !away Going for a walk !away Working on art #orange !away Working on art! #ff0000 What it does : Sets you as 'AWAY' and puts the "away text" above your

This might be helpful by campfires for burns

BURNS A young man sprinkling his lawn and bushes with pesticides wanted to check the contents of the barrel to see how much pesticide remained in it. He raised the cover and lit his lighter; the vapors inflamed and engulfed him. He jumped from his

Helpful Beetles

Most of us know ladybugs, but I'll try to post photos of other "good guys" as I find them in my garden. This good guy is a six-spotted tiger beetle. I usually see them in the woods, having one visit my garden is a first. They are predators. I've seen

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