Jeweled Seas: New Wave

A Unique RP That features the One Piece world in a non-canon Fashion with plenty of treasure!

jeweled, seas, role, play, piece, unique, devil, #fruit, demons, swords, curses, blessings, guild, gang, motivation, writing, knight, archer, ranger, kingdom, evil, groups, pirates, marines, revolutionaries


Similar roleplaying forum for those from agora and those from Foopets as well =3 ~Fruit-Pastilles+BestNameEva

bestfruit4eva, similar, roleplaying, forum, those, from, agora, foopets, well

One Piece: Pirate Nation

An alternate universe roleplay based off of the One Piece series.

piece, onepiece, role, play, luffy, zoro, sanji, shanks, blackbeard, whitebeard, devil, #fruit, fruits, seastone, rokushiki

Free World Business Center

Free The World Business Center is an online discussion forum covering topics relating to the commdities export/import around the world

world, business, center, online, discussion, covering, topics, relating, commodities, export, import, trade, commodity, sugar, corn, chicken, china, news, sunflower, meat, organic, #fruit, vegetables, grain

Topics linked your research : fruit

Ama Ama no mi(sun sun fruit)

Skill Name: Ama Ama no mi(Sun sun fruit) Skill Type: Paramecia devil fruit Skill Information: This devil fruit resembles a yellowish-white papaya with swirls on it. Skill Strengths: • The major strength of this fruit is that it allows its user to

Kobito Shiju (deleted)

Name: Kobito Shiju "The sad one" Age: 17 Bounty: 1,000,000 Species: Human Occupation: Pirate Captain Allegiance: Pirate Home Village/Ocean: East Blue Appearance: History:Spoiler:  Kobito was born in East Blue, in Go

Oto-Oto Fruit (Sound Sound Fruit, or Volume Fruit.)

Name in Japanese (translation): Oto-Oto Fruit (Sound Sound Fruit, or Volume Fruit.) Capabilities: The User can effect the wavelengths and frequencies that come from anything he touches. In short, he can make things as loud or as quiet as he wants, as

Voodoo fruit

Name: voodoo voodoo fruit ( I don't know what the Japanese translation is.) Ability: it allows the user to redirect damage towards a random target nearby the user. This ability allows the user to negate life-threatening damage, as well as mediocre wounds

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