Jeweled Seas: New Wave

A Unique RP That features the One Piece world in a non-canon Fashion with plenty of treasure!

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Ever Ever After... [It Always Gets To Me....]

It never got to me, I never saw it coming. She was there, and then she was gone. I feel so alone, what am I am I going to do? Mother, you were so true to me? I wish they never had you leave me. I miss you so much, I miss you a bunch I feel so alone,

Amarant's Swords

Spoiler: NOTE:IT IS THE SWORD THAT THE PERSON IS HOLDING weapon name:Nanjirou Masamune description: A fine dark sword that has blueish gems christened on the lower middle of it. Some also call it the Night Moon Sword because of its magnificent

Mai's Butterfly Swords

Name: Butterfly Sword Amount: 2 Type: Sword Appearance:

Twin Swords

Name: Longsword (x2) Rank: Weak Type: Sword Description: These two swords are nothing special. They are a pair of simple swords measuring 2.5 feet of blade each. The blades are steel and the hilts are mahogany with iron crossguards to protect Mitsuo's

Hiragana, the Black swords of the mist

Clan Name:Black swords Clan element/'s: lightning Special characteristics/traits: black eyes Location: North of the village hidden in the mist. Bloodline Name: Hiragana Bloodline Ability: Fast ground speed Secret Clan Jutsu:Triple edged

OC: Vega Wallace

BASIC INFORMATION Name: Vega Cathleen Wallace Alternate Names or Titles: The Shadow Age: 21 Age Appearance: 17 Date of Birth: May 14 Gender: Female Species: Vampic General Location: APPEARANCE Height: 5' 1" Weight: 116

Bleach 423 "Farewell Swords"

An epic chapter that ties up some of the loose threads. I was happy to know Hitsugaya is getting stronger, (But not for Hinamori. Nooo...I hate her >.<) It was sad to see Rukia's goodbye, and I'm left wondering how Kubo will start off the next

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