Southern Paranormal & Anomaly Research Society. SPARS

paranormal, forums, mississippi, #groups, georgia

Boy's Love

This is made for all of the wonderful BL Rpers On TM that their groups keep being deleted.

boy's, love, this, made, wonderful, rpers, that, their, #groups, keep, being, deleted

Jeweled Seas: New Wave

A Unique RP That features the One Piece world in a non-canon Fashion with plenty of treasure!

jeweled, seas, role, play, piece, unique, devil, fruit, demons, swords, curses, blessings, guild, gang, motivation, writing, knight, archer, ranger, kingdom, evil, #groups, pirates, marines, revolutionaries

CHOAM and Consensu Omnium Gaming Info

Check here for dates of online and pen-and-paper gaming runs, as well as other vital info and activities, for the CHOAM and CO gaming groups.

choam, consensu, omnium, gaming, info, check, dates, online, pen-and-paper, runs, vital, activities

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Ministry of Natural Resources: Exxon Mobil did not stop working in Kurdistan

Ministry of Natural Resources: Exxon Mobil did not stop working in Kurdistan TUESDAY, 13 JANUARY 1 / DECEMBER 2011 13:06 Twilight News / revealed the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Region, on Tuesday, said Exxon Mobil did not stop

Facebook Palm Reading Groups

Hello Everyone, Can anybody tell me good facebook groups or other sites where palms are read and discussed. I want to join. Learner

Soul groups

Reincarnating together, I have heard of this but never understood it.. A

Lake Albert - Wagga Wagga Walk Group

Hi Everyone, Is anyone interested in doing a Lake Albert Walk on a Saturday Mornings? Starting in the warmer months of course. Would be good to get together, i'm sure there will be a few people that will be post - op and pre - op, so if your a slow

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