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Free forum : Crimson Cafe

Free forum : General discussion: family, friends, music, movies, TV, celebrities, games, hobbies, pets, art, literature, sports, news and politics, every day life.

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Danse Macabre 2: Crimson Cabaret

Danse Macabre: Crimson Cabaret by Eipix Entertainment - September, 2014 Series links:  Danse Macabre 1: The Last Adagio, Danse Macabre 2: Crimson Cabaret, Danse Macabre 3: Deadly Deception Available at: Big Fish as Collector's Edition / Standard

Second Battle - VS 2000pts Crimson Fists

Okay, here's the classic paint-ball match b/w my GK's and N00bk1ng's Crimson Fists. We had a great game and had a lot of fun N00bk1ng’s 2000 pt Crimson Fist list: HQ – Pedro Kantor (attached to sternguard in drop pod) Kor’sarro Khan

Fatal Frame 2: Deep Crimson Butterfly

Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly has been recently remade with much better graphics on Wii

Crimson Hunter upgrades, are any of them worth it?

As it says really. Our options are Exarch Hunter, change to Star Cannons, Night Vision and Marksman's Eye. I don't think Star Cannons are worth it as this fighter is set up to hit flyers, night vision will only really help if it's NF turn 5 and the

Crimson Fists Drop Pod

After what seemed like an eternity of building, I finally got the drop pod painted and detailed Anyhow, pic isn't all that great (took it in a hurry before work this morning) but I think the details come across pretty well I've just got the vent areas o

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