Jeweled Seas: New Wave

A Unique RP That features the One Piece world in a non-canon Fashion with plenty of treasure!

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Oh Curses! [TT/Open]

I'm the one that you wantedI'm yourKing- @TT - - N/A - - Fun! - Boredom Gil Vessalius was not a man whom enjoyed the feeling. He was growing restless like a cat left in a house for too long. He could only drink wine or nap for so long without

Curses & Blessings

T3 Task Information: Task Name: Curses & Blessings Task Tier: T3 Location: Palatial Island, Merchants Haven Task Details: Amber Snow has been on a quest to gain her mothers Swords; Onyx Twilight & Silverlight. Through many Information gathering

Room 4D: Curses

This room is where those affected by Curses are treated.

Mother of Curses - Sword of Night

Name: Mother of Curses - Sword of Night Creator: (the character who made this item) Owner: Iken Namikaze Type: Weapon Appearance: The sword looks like a normal saber other than the obvious black blade.  The saber is moderately curved with a

Unforgivable Curses - “A Necessary Evil”? – Discussion 2

Throughout the books we saw many people from the claimed ‘good’ side use these kind of magic which has always been considered evil, even forbidden by the magical law. Do you agree with the use of these Curses? Do the ends justify the means? Or you’re

Curses, Protecting, Spells, Jinxes, Hexes and Charms

Curses Avada Kedavra Babbling Curse Conjunctivitis Curse Crucio Imperio Hexes Bat-Boogey Hex Bewitched Sleep Horned Tongue Hex Hurling Hex Toenail-growing Hex Wiggle and Twitchy ears Hex Spells Colloportus Aguamenti-

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