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Add On Octan Shop for the 4207 Garage

Since the garage came out with a shop, I thought it could do with one (partly based on the last train station in design). I'm planning a set of bowsers to go with this in case I decide to display it on it's own. Comments welcome.....Brick On !

MOC - Shell Garage

Just a tease to start, updates with exterior completed shots tomorrow....... Comments welcome and keep on fillin' up !

Dear Santa... thanks

Bull's Storage and Garage Stuff

I used these aluminum multi-drawer truck bed boxes in my garage under a staircase to hold a lot of different stuff. But, my storage setup has changed, and I no longer need them. They came out of fullsize Chevy trucks. One is newer and shorter and i

[PHOTO] Boolean21's little RC Garage

DIY-ed a tyre rack and a work bench for the scale garage... here's some handphone pics of the little garage... thanks for looking

Garage sale in Sylvania, Ohio

Went to a garage sale that had alot of quilt fabric I took home 57 yards of fabric, 40 fat quarters, 1 package of 30 10" squares, 2 1/2 Strips 35 in flowers and 35 batiks, 3 charms packages 17 charms each one, 1 kit, 22 blocks put together but not

Garage find Suburban

I spent the weekend in NH hanging out with some friends doing random stuff, I'll post more pics and details later but in the main event we retrieved a nice, unmolested, crisp and rust free 1985 C20 Suburban Silverado from a garage where it had been sittin

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