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Tendring Chatterbox

For old Tendring area Streetlifers who didn't fancy a move to Next Door, but would still like to have a natter and find out what's on out and about.

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She flips out when I walk out the door.

I checked the calendar and I've had Kenzi a month and two days today. I let her free roam the house for the first time today for a couple hours while I was at work and she did really well with only one mishap with a decorative vase of lighted sticks. She

The door curtain

Reading some old posts on this thread concerning door curtains, yes a curtain over a front door does keep out draughts (even if it is a double glazed door) and yes I too have a bit of a dampish corner. However I don't blame the curtain for that because we

Replacement Door Hinges

New Season is upon us, Dandy was pulled out today and all the pvc was washed off with TFR. Hinges remain a problem, as the trailer is over 30 years old I think the way to go may be to replace all of them, but what with? please share your solutions, I hav

Door Locks

I started to write this else where as a response to someone else's problem, but his problem might be your solution. "I don't have a key for the door." "I've lost the door keys." "Where do I get replacement door

Light sensitive chook door thingy... It ain't cheap, but gawd, I love it..!

What does your dog do when someone comes to the door?

What does your dog do when someone comes to the door?

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