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Skin Creation!

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creating forumotion skins

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For all things related to Football Manager.

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How do i actually make my own skin

Well how do i make my own skin.Not just changing images and everythign like that. But the actually layout

How to make a skin

I create a firts forum. But i don't know how and where to make a skin,does anyone now to explain me how to make skin,where to make it.On Serbian language or on English.Please hurry. Does anyone wanna to make it for me?Or explain it on serbian or

Skin (Deborah Dyer)

Sung Range: B3-B5 Significant High Notes: C5 ("Charity", "You'll Follow Me Down", "Hedonism", "I Believed In You", "Squander", "Tear Down These Houses", "God Only Loves You",

Skin Request?

Hello guys, I am looking for someone to create a skin for me. I would like it to be a Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion skin. So like a picture at the top with a figure from the game and like a wooden frame. If anyone could help it would be

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