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1000 Point List

Hello everyone now that school is starting to wind down, 2 weeks then FREEDOM , I'm very excited about finally being able to play some 40K with my friends. This is my first attempt at a list from 6E and I've been doing quite a bit of lurking over the last

My first 2000 point list made from my 5500 point army

Hi brothers take a look at this list and feel free to make any comments and try to give tactical advice as this list is not the norm but I like to be different and try things not every one else is doing! That is the main reason for not having any psyrifle

3000 Point Grey Knight against 3000 Point Orks and Tyranids

My Grey Knight Army List: HQ: 1 Castellan Crowe - 150 points Grand Master Mordrak with 5 Ghost Knights with 4x Halberds, Brotherhood Banner - 425 Points Elites: 1 Techmarine with Conversion Beamer - 105 Points 1 Venerable Dreadnought

What is ur respawn point?

As title says, what is ur respawn point? First time i make a poll so i might fail. Mine is soul wars btw.

1500 point Reaver/Eldar Jetbike list for scrutiny.

So I thought about having an incredibly fast list made of nearly all Jetbike. I've thrown in a couple of warrior Venoms just so there are 4 scoring units. Baron 5 Warriors, Venom w/ 2xSC - 110 5 Warriors, Venom w/ 2xSC - 110 9 Reavers, Arena

1,500 point tournament list. Criticism most welcome!

So while I build the models for my allied Eldar and Baron force I want to give something like this a go. I like that it's a mirror list so there is two of everything and appears fairly balanced to my eyes. What are peoples thoughts? Hamonculus w/LFG

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