Ajax Investigations

Where it is described, in often grueling detail, the various operations and misoperations of the uniquely talented Ajax Investigations.

#ajax, investigations, where, described, often, grueling, detail, various, operations, misoperations, uniquely, talented

Free forum : Rabat Ajax Supporters Club

Free forum : Discussions on a Maltese football team Rabat Ajax Football Club

free, rabat, #ajax, supporters, club

ScytheX Forums

New Server | Online 24/7 | Staff Needed

scythex, forums, server, community, #ajax

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Missed opportunity/dipped my sneaker in ajax

Hi Everyone, Dream: I was in a church setting. This teenage girl seemed to hang around me. I was going to bless her with $50 by check but God challenged me to give her $100. Some how I seen a check someone gave the girl for $1,100. I began to

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