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Naruto : Legacies Reborn RPG

We are a friendly Naruto Community. Ever wanted to make your own character in the Naruto world? Well click and come see what's going on. Build a legacy. Join our RPG.

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Vauxhall Central Owners Club

A Vauxhall enthusiasts Car Forum for all Vauxhall, Opel & Holden models. If you love your Vauxhall and want to meet other like minded people, then click on the link and come on in.

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[Click it, Newbies!] CAMP HALF-BLOOD MENTORS :'D [Click it, I say!]

*new mentor thread here || september 2013* We all know how it feels to join a new forum. Your first time exploring an unfamiliar forum can make you anxious, especially when you don't know anybody there. Well, that's what this is for! :'D Welcome to

Running away and click accidentaly on the minimap

Hello, one needs to quickly turn tail and in the rush of running away from the enemy accidentaly clicks on the minimap and runs back TOWARDS him. I mean... come on! Such a frustrating stupid moment mostly resulting in death and is caused by milimeters

How do I make a top-down game with click to move?

Hello I am making an Animal Crossing game in Unity and I am having trouble making the game click to move. I have gotten the top down part done though. Thank you and please help if you can Also check my game out here or here

The best GW "One-Click Collection" yet! And for a mere $11K USD...... No way I'll sit down and pound out the math, but I'm willing to guess that there is no discount per the running

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