.:~ Knights of the Round Table ~:.

Knights of the Round Table ~ Forum. . : ~ Knights of the Round Table ~: .

knights, round, table, #daoc, dark, camelot, user, interface, uthgard, custom, skin, free, server

Love Is All

Daoc Mordred Love Inc PVP Guild. Love Is All. Daoc Mordred Camlann PVP Guild French

#daoc, mordred, camlann, guild, french


Bedlam DAOC. Bedlam. Bedlam. Bedlam. Bedlam Bedlam DAOC. Bedlam. Bedlam.

free, forum, bedlam, #daoc.

:: Aesir DAoC ::

Fury - An Origins Server Guild. :: Aesir DAoC ::. Fury Origins

fury, origins, aesir, #daoc


Defiance daoc guild - Ywain US

defiance, #daoc, guild, ywain

Créer un forum : Hug Family Forum

créer un forum : Guild of Hibernia - Uthgard

créer, forum, family, guild, hibernia, uthgard, #daoc, classic, dark, camelot



shinsengumi, #daoc

Beyond Help

guild forums. Beyond Help. beyond help daoc. Beyond Help

beyond, help, #daoc

Welcome to All About Us!

Dark Age of Camelot. Welcome to All About Us!. all about us daoc dark age of camelot guild

about, #daoc, dark, camelot, guild

Nomad Jarl forum.

Nomad Jarl, a DAoC midgard guild on the Uthgard freeshard.

#daoc, freeshard, uthgard, nomad, jarl, midgard

Simply Mordred

A simple mordred style daoc server

simply, mordred, simple, style, #daoc, server

Free forum : Legacy of the fallen

Free forum : Legacy of the Fallen. DAoC guild

free, legacy, fallen, uthgard

Triad - Sith Guild for Star Wars : The Old Republic

Official guild webpage for Triad in the upcoming Star Wars : The Old Republic MMO.

triad, #daoc, star, wars, guild, republic, social, group, kotor, kotor2, swtor, sith, empire, jedi

Free forum : SHANKA

SHANKA----GUILD FORUMS. Free forum : Warhammer. SHANKA WARHAMMER axe bite pass,

shanka, #daoc, uthgard

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