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Electric Sky

Welcome to Electric Sky. Please feel free to participate in the wide range of subjects available.

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Stooges Forum

The Stooges Forum is an unofficial Stooges fan forum dedicated to the discussion and dissemination of the Stooges music and history.

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Dave Gaffram paper Buildings

davesgames.net - slow day so Im going ahead with my next terrain topic for the Boring Forum. After I did the Pirate Ships I decided I really needed buildings but didnt want to go through the expense of buying the nice ones. So I did alot of web surfing

Grid Resistors

I was reading an old audio express article from David Gillespie on Techniques to Maximize Power Tube Life. He recommends putting a 100ohm resistor in series with the interlinear taps to the upper grid. Out of all of my dynaco units and Mods to them I have

Has anyone ever been to a Dave & Busters before?

Yeah I went to 1 the other day and it really wasnt that entirely bad they have pretty good meals and desserts and you pay like 40 $ a person to get a power card and basically the points and money you get on the power card go towards the amount of arcade

David Huffman

I have had this for over ten years...I think David comes from this area?

Dave's Candy Shop!! 6* 5* 4* VLAD on SALE!

I currently have the following for sale. Please PM for quickest response! UNITS Fresh Ana - 190 TE Fresh Monica - 300 TE 60 Alexander - 85 TE 120 Charles - 200 TE 120 Rouge - 270 TE 120 Vlad - 270 TE 120 Nanaca - 380 TE 120

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