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George Clooney's new year's resolutions

I'm pretty sure this is a quote from years ago, but anyway. Stars reveal their new year’s resolutions 4) George Clooney: “To learn to speak fluen

PS4 and Xbox One Resolutions confirmed, and it's laughable and murderous.

So over the weeks we get to launch, more news has been confirmed and said out loud. Forza is the only game so far on the Xbox One to be running is 1080p 60fps. PS4 now has been confirmed by their respective devs and publishers, that Battlefield

2017 Resolutions

The new year is almost here! What are y'all planning on doing in 2017? Anything that you wanna leave behind in 2016? Have you given it much thought? Personally, my big resolution for 2017 is to come out as trans to my parents. I've already got my

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