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Chuck Norris

Every one has heard one of his jokes at least once. Aperantly this has started online when one kid decided to start a list of Chuck Norris facts, it soon caught on and now there are a ton of jokes, books, and some youtube videos. What i wanna see is

Doctor Who Chuck Taylor Converse Shoes

Long time Doctor Who Fan, also long time Converse Chuck Taylor fan (I have many pairs in several colors). So you can imagine my glee when David Tennant started sporting them as The Doctor. My particular fave are the maroon ones he wears. I had a hard

AK Interactive News

Well when I came home from work today I had a nice packet full of goodies from my friend Mig and the gang from AK Interactive First off & isn't it always the way ? You get just the stuff you need to weather your Bison I . except you get it the

Chuck box on ebay

very nice setup! I like the way he did the legs, they look sturdy, wish they folded to the same size as the box

Another incredible gallery of photos - Chuck Doane's Dioramas

I'm sure I remember posting this elsewhere, but I have recently stumbled across it again. Maybe we need a general "Interesting/Inspiring photo collections" thread? Anyway, this would easily make the

Chuck Schwartz, (Gnarly Dudes), Dartmoor

None of them are signed but they are numbered. Although, according to Sue, the numbers are not the pottery's. This from Sue Schwartz: ...I do remember that chuck particularly liked the flat vase They were not wood fired but done in post firing

Foam chuck glider, rc conversion

hi, i picked up one of those 4.5' foam chuck gliders from hobby lobby today, after getting the idea from someone else in the chattbox. I want to convert if to rc, and also use a cox golden bee or a super bee with teedee .051 cylinder/piston. Can anyone

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