CHEER Clan Forum

For new comers, if you can't find your country clan and need a clan, feel free to apply, and join. ❤ ❤ For newbies to help each other.

cheer, clan, comers, can't, country, feel, free, apply, join, #newbies


An awesome general Roleplay forum. Friendly to newbies and good enough for experienced authors

warboarders, awesome, general, roleplay, friendly, #newbies, good, experienced, authors

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For Newbies Playing Solo..

When Levelling up as a solo and don't have a team.. Try upgrading first your weapon Talisman[Enhancement and upgrade to +20 if possible], then go on caves.. It will be a fast level up..Until you reach 81+ or something like that.Find Moon dragon

[Click it, Newbies!] CAMP HALF-BLOOD MENTORS :'D [Click it, I say!]

*new mentor thread here || september 2013* We all know how it feels to join a new forum. Your first time exploring an unfamiliar forum can make you anxious, especially when you don't know anybody there. Well, that's what this is for! :'D Welcome to

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