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Calcium battery.

Hello to all, Simple question, my V8 Landy, has a Halfords calcium battery fitted, which normally turns the engine, but twice now in the past couple of months, the battery has died on me, while trying the ignition. I have put it on charge for a couple


Zucchini growing to beat the band. However when they get 3 to 4 inches long they start to shrivel on the end and fall off. Good color and I think plenty water. Beginners luck?

Calcium and Magnesium Deficiency

I'm noticing a calcium deficiency in my garden, My soil test reports low calcium and magnesium. However, I have a soil pH of 6.7, and they told me not to lime since I've already lime up to 6.7 pH from 5.3 pH. Recommendations? Does gypsum affect soil pH?

calcium source for tomatoes

I have a lot of trouble with blossum end rot on my tomatoes in my row garden. I have heard that it is a calcium shortage. I have tried the spryas for this problem with so-so results. All my plants are planted in the row garden. Is their anything I can

Calcium for your tomato plants

I've been told that tomato plants like calcium. I bought some cheap antacid tablets at the Dollar Store and put a few in with my tomato plants. So far, they seem to like it. Anyone else tried this?

Yellowing, curling leaves: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, parsley = Calcium deficiency?

My cabbage seedlings had yellowing between the veins, especially on the leaf edges, leading to dead edges on the leaves. Research suggested “tipburn” due to calcium deficiency.  Most of the “cures” seemed to be proactive prevention involving soil addition

Difference between lack of calcium or pollination?

Our zukes and squash were looking really beautiful and healthy. BIg strong fruit on each. Then the squash started shriveling up and had fuzzy white moldy stuff on the blossom. Some blossoms had it (guess the males) and fell off. Then the little fruits

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