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Unhappy tomatoes?

Last night, I posted the photo below of a foliage problem on my two big tomato plants. Someone (Carolyn?) said it might be early blight. I noticed this later in the evening and took a picture this morning. Two of the tomatoes are black on the end

Confused about nutrients in Mel's Mix

So the new SFG method says we don't need fertilizer, right? Because the compost has all the nutrients we need, right? But the composts that I see all have NPK values of, say, 1-1-1 or even 0.5-0.5-0.5. And as far as I know, the vermiculite and the

Calcium and Magnesium Deficiency

I'm noticing a calcium deficiency in my garden, My soil test reports low calcium and magnesium. However, I have a soil pH of 6.7, and they told me not to lime since I've already lime up to 6.7 pH from 5.3 pH. Recommendations? Does gypsum affect soil pH?

What's eating my tomatoes???

I've thrown numerous tomatoes away! All of them are on the underside too. What is it and what do I do?

Calcium source for tomatoes

I have a lot of trouble with blossum end rot on my tomatoes in my row garden. I have heard that it is a calcium shortage. I have tried the spryas for this problem with so-so results. All my plants are planted in the row garden. Is their anything I can

Need help - cucumber pics

My cucumbers and green beans have come down with a problem...can't tell if it's soil/ nutrient related or pest related...crispy pale leaves Here's a shot of my cucumber trellis...leaves are turning pale an dry with only new growth is

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