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Jurassic Darker - Fan Edit of JP3

So for last couple of days I have been making fan edit of JP3 in Premiere, you know of the actual film. It's not ready yet, but will be soon. So I have a question for the mods: Am I allowed to link it here for you to see, whenever it's ready? It would be

Post your LEGO Jurassic World Custom Character Codes here!

As you may have noticed, LEGO Jurassic World has a character creator, complete with a universal code for consoles that lets you effectively share your creations. I've made a couple, so I thought I'd share them! Lara Croft: Character J (important for

Geoworld Jurassic Hunters: New Prehistoric mammals are on the way to see the light

This is what i saw in a different forum,DTF it was posted by Sbell,,,,,,, Just got some info that will be of interest for 2013--especially for mammal fans! We are all aware of the Geoworld Jurassic Hunters line of course--with a name that may b

Jurassic Park Builder/Jurassic World The Game Thread

To continue the thread from JPLegacy. We dont know when update will come, but here is a leaked hybrid.

s5380d security code done sa jurassic... :))

bwenamano s5380d security code done sa factory reset sa jurassic.. e2 po pic... sundan lang ung naka red box.... sana makatulong sa katulad kong baguhan... ala pic ng unit kc nagmamadali costumer...

Chronicle Collectibles Jurassic Park Line

The best JP collectible line ever coming soon deserves a thread here! Here's their current line up for order with more news to follow! https://www.chroniclecollectibles.com/product/jurassic-park-the-lost-world-15th-scale-t-rex-bust/ - Male T-Rex

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