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Grant Heslov trying to sell his house.......

Vote between George Clooney, Cary Grant or Johnny Depp and win a sample sized men's fragrance

A bit random, but here goes: September 30, 2012 New Niche Fragrance Review: Parfums M. Micallef Style + BlackTie Draw When it comes t

Paul Grant This Saturday!

I'm going to see Paul this Saturday April 14. If you need anything that is too bulky or too little and is not worth shipping give him a call and paypal him and i will pick it up. I can deliver at the Pines trip or another time.

Neil Grant

Just found out today that this mug is made by Neil Grant! I've had it for quite some time and actually thought the maker may be Australian as the leaves reminded me of gum leaves. I meant to put it in the Mystery Marks topic ... I have many mystery

Grant Morrison Is Out Of His Mind What have you got lined up in your writing for Superman? I want to solve some of the problems that have grown up around the character. People now

Gerard Butler's surfing mentor? That's Grant Washburn,0,1457270.story Gerard Butler's surfing mentor? That's Grant WashburnButler, star of ' Chasing Mavericks,' looked to the pro big-wave surfer to

Grant Heslov

How did we get this far in the forum without a thread for Grant?!! Anyway, here's a great interview with him (thanks Henway for the find) From NBC Chicago Inside Grant Heslov's Partnership With George Clooney and Their Next Film BY Scott

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